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This rug is 23 “x 29” hooked with a number 12 cut, with largely wandered wool. It depicts Wanda’s daughter Vanessa with their cat Lucy who was a member of the family for 8 years. We still miss her. Wanda wanted to hook this piece to test her theory that hooking fur faces are no different than hooking flesh ones. This rug won the OHCG’s Best Original Rug in 2006 as well as co-winning the Rowan Award for People’s Choice the same year with Herb Vandewell. 

Private collection.




And The Day Came

Inspired by a saying from Anais Nin Wanda created this rug to enter the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild’s Annual Meeting 2007. Theme - Blossom Time.

It represents what’s possible if you are willing to bloom. It is as tall as Wanda herself ... 5’6” x 29” but a little wider !! She won the theme award.





Huron Island

This is a small rug, 13”x24”, experimenting with prodding and hooking in the same rug. Inspired by The Fishing Islands in Lake Huron Wanda used many cuts in this rug to depict the distant water, she started with #8 cut in the foreground and gradually decreased the cut size until she reached # 3. She has written an article about this rug for Rug Hooking magazine; “If you can’t stand the heat .... Using the Crockpot to Dye".

Private collection



The Town Hooker

This self portrait is a handtorn 41”x 30” rug. Wanda mostly used marbleized wool to create her flesh with her inventive way of looking and hooking.She likes the cleverness of hooking a rug in a hooked rug! This portrait has won the Best New Artist competition at the Southampton Art Gallery in 2006 and The People’s Choice Award at the McGown Teacher’s Workshop show!!! It was a big year for The Town Hooker !!!

 Private collection



Full Moon

This was the subject of a class Wanda gave in the Spring of 2007 in a #5 cut.Only 12”x18”. Wanda was exploring the glow of light and it’s influences.


The Doodle Rug

This rug is the result of a rug hooking funk akin to writer’s block. Wanda had not hooked anything for over 6 months. Afraid of becoming a dilettante Wanda jumped at a challenge put forward by Welcome Mat member, Caryn Devlin. She suggested we just "do a doodle ". Wanda started off doing a doodle, just drawing lines inside a square and hooking what she wanted, deciding the negative and positive spaces as she went. She drew from a palette of 5 colours and let one doodle become 6 with no respect paid to anything we normally focus on when hooking a geometric.

#7 Cut   -   21"x 20"

Woolvis Proddly

This is a prodded portrait of "The King ". Some one told Wanda you cannot make a portrait while prodding. They might as well said, the job is done ! Loving a challenge, Wanda remembered a portrait her brother made while in art school. It was a value lesson. She used this as a base to follow. Woolvis was hooked in rows using both the spring hook and the prodder. There was no drawing, only a rectangle to show the boundaries.

1/2 inch x 1" prodded strips

12" x 18"

Private collection


Rug October

In a quest to hook on rug a month this geometric represents the month of October 2007. A rough drawer at best and with little or no mathematic inclinations Wanda made a mistake while drawing her sections, she decided this was a creative gift and decided to alternate red colours in stripes for the background. This gives the rug extra depth and interest. The border is all the colours in the rug brought to a dull dark, the "black "consists of the same colours even darker down the value scale.

#7 cut   -   38"x 27"   -   Private collection


Wanda hooked this picture entirely from the scrap basket, her favourite way to paint a scene. Inspired by a photo of an abandoned house on Prince Edward Island, the lupins also seed and grow with abandon in this rug. The tree and the flowers show the idea of prodding in miniature.

Cuts from #3 to #8

13"x 17"

Private collection


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